Will the holidays never end?

I'm home from work today, working on school assignments due Monday. I'd been intending to finish those over the weekend, but when the phone rang at 7:00 this morning I learned such wasn't meant to be. The voice on the other end of the line was my sister-in-law, telling me that she, my brother, and their extended side of the family are coming to see us tomorrow, since we didn't get together at the holidays. It had been one of those, "Well, maybe we'll get together the last weekend of January," things, left up in the air until, what do you know, the weekend was here.


Because we're old and no longer thrilled by ripping open packages, we've decided instead to have the kids draw names and exchange gifts between themselves. For the adults, feed us a meal and we'll be content. We don't need any more perfume, candles or knick-knacks. I think we're pretty well stocked on those items.

It'll be good to get together, though that does throw a monkey wrench into my study plans for the weekend. Good thing I was a good egg and did the prep work for these assignments through the week, now, isn't it. And I've already finished and submitted two of the three. Depressingly, I've left the most complicated, time-consuming one for last – the annotation of a long article I chose to read for my weekly assignment in Information Literacy Pedagogy.


So, there it goes. The best laid plans of graduate students go oft' awry. Instead of putting in ten hours of study I'll have dinner at a buffet restaurant (I'm constitutionally unable to cook for 15 people) and have a chat with relatives I haven't seen in a while. Certainly balances out my life of all study all the time, but it also leaves me with the distinctly uncomfortable feeling of having a load of books and papers perched precariously above my head. The guilt!

Ah, well. Time for lunch, then it's back to the final assignment – turning a 15-page article into a thoughtfully condensed paragraph in which every word carries huge weight. No problem.

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