Throw me a life line.

Currently drowning in homework. Am far more snowed under than I imagined I'd be. The more times I go back and re-read my syllabi the more I realize I missed the first time around. That's probably because I fainted from the stress of what I did read, fell and hit my head, and never got through all of it. Every time I look at the assignments I cackle madly like an insane person, hoping someone will hear and have me committed. Anything for a justifiable reason to have a little extra time to complete assignments.

In other news, being exhausted and over-worked has been producing some rather odd incidents in my life. Yesterday I left my travel coffee mug on the back of my husband's car, while loading up homework to take with me to work. Somehow I totally forgot the coffee mug, which rolled off the back of the car as I backed down the driveway. Hearing the odd plastic-like sound of the mug hitting the driveway I stopped, but then shrugged and thought I was imagining things. Then I ran over the mug.

Today, after working at the library and working out at the gym, I was sitting comfortably on the sofa doing homework. I put my head back, just for a moment, and fell asleep, hands still on keyboard. I jolted awake about half an hour later, when my laptop started sliding off my lap. Luckily, unlike the unfortunate mug, I caught the computer before it hit the floor.

In a final bit of excitement, over the course of just this last week I've fallen asleep multiple times reading homework in bed, waking up to find I'd dropped a highlighter on my shirt while blissfully dozing away. When you drop a highlighter on your shirt you wind up with a nice, big, spreading stain. For the record, it washes out. At least so far.

Otherwise, not a lot to report, unless you consider reading articles and getting high on highlighter fumes exciting fare. Stay tuned for more misadventures as they occur.

6 thoughts on “Throw me a life line.

  1. I’m in that boat this semester, but with just one grad class on the go, the other stress comes from teaching SEVEN CLASSES. What I was thinking (other than MUST HAVE MONEY), I have no idea. Definitely buckling down on the grad classes over the summer (May mini and a 10-week session) and then going full time next year to finish up. Glad to know highlighters wash out (so far).


  2. Hi Lisa – Re: May Sarton’s grave marker … it does seem particularly vain to direct the designing of it yourself … but yes easier in life than in death (apparently). Thanks for your comments — that’s Abby’s bathroom wall full of pictures and I’ll put more up later … her whole bathroom is a scrapbook! – Geo


  3. WOW this is a very good website I like it a lot you should make another one that is just about Laura Ingalls Wilder.
    Just thought it was very awesome…!!!


  4. I think that throw me a life is very good and it seems like you have really worked on doing this for a while:) I am glad u made a website and hope that you will make another one soon….it seems like it makes everybody else very happy and me too~!~! And it is a very welcome page that I think people will very much in enjoy on this page so I will update u soon.
    Thanks for giving people something to look at and I hope u will have a great time at being a librarian!!!:)
    P.S. When I was a child I wanted to be a librarian to so good luck to u.
    GOD BLESS!!!


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