Today I will do homework. Today I will do homework …

I'm off work today, thanks to the hours I put in for the Wednesday evening program (that of the infamous split shift), and also the concert at the library on Sunday. Added together with my regular hours gave me enough to equal a day off.

Woo hoo!

I have no choice but to do homework today. I cannot allow myself to lose focus and engage in one of my favorite homework-dodging pastimes: surfing the internet; reading a non-homework book; sleeping (say it ain't so!); lying on the bed with my head hanging off, contemplating life's purpose; or writing stalking letters to George Clooney.


My big question? Do I stay home and trust myself not to crawl back under the covers and sleep the day away, or do I make myself presentable and go somewhere else – like Panera – where I'd be too embarrassed for others to hear me snore and see me drool all over my computer keyboard, waking up to a cheek that reads slkaa;lkjflkashf?

Toughie. At Panera I'd be drinking either an endless cup of coffee or soda, as refills are free. Lots of caffeine equals lots of bathroom trips (sorry, but let's be real here). Bathroom trips mean the dilemma - do I pack up the computer and bring it in with me, or trust to humanity no one will be jerky enough to steal it while I'm gone?

You see my problem. Or at least one of them. The others will be made more clear as each day passes.

I have to finish Huckleberry Finn and write my reader response today. That's the biggie. Then, I have to find my damned 2009 calendar and get all the assignment due dates transferred over, so I can figure out what days I need to dread and when I can sigh in relief. Finding my calendar could take up a good chunk of my morning, even though it's bright pink so you'd think it wouldn't be tough to spot. If it had flashing lights and a siren I'd still lose it. And yes, I lose my keys regularly, too.

I guess step one is being a big girl and putting on real clothes. Say it ain't so.

6 thoughts on “Today I will do homework. Today I will do homework …

  1. Is there any point in writing things in a calendar one cannot find? Do the deadlines still exist if the calendar is missing? Sounds like one of those deep philosophical questions that could keep one amused for days!


  2. J.G., I wound up getting dressed, but stayed in. I decided the time it takes to pack up and leave wasn’t worth the effort. So I managed to get two assignments finished and submitted!


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