Photo of the Day


Inauguration Day, 2009

I'd intended to fly our flag through the end of the week, in honor of President Obama. But I came home from work yesterday to find the top ring that holds the flag in place had broken. Our flag was flying upside down, which I believe is the international symbol for distress. Truth be told, our flag should always be flown that way.

So, I tried tying the top of the flag onto the pole. Patting myself on the back for my resourcefulness, I went out to run an errand. Pulling back into the driveway, my son said, "Umm. Mom? Our flag is flying at half mast."


I wonder what the neighbors must think of us. First, the flag was flying nobly, flapping in the breeze. Then it was upside down. Then it was at half mast. I can only imagine they're thinking, "Would you make up your mind, already?"

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. Hi Lisa – Yes, I just started my blog 1st of December. Thank you so much for putting me on your blogroll! I did send you a comment saying I’d set off on blogging but you must have overlooked it — it was about the time I think that the cello bow (or was it violin?) was broken and so on and so on and god knows you do have your days when you have more to do than pay attention to things on the net! I have a few things to mail you … some surprises for a graveyard lover … and will get to them soon. Thanks again. George


  2. George! Well, at least now we’re all connected and such. Sorry I missed your comment before – shame on me.
    Graveyard lover things? You know what I say: the deader the better.


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