Celebrations planned in the UK as Obama’s sworn in.

This from the Independent.co.uk:

"Anyone walking into the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn in north-west London on 20 January might be surprised to hear the jaunty jingles of cheerleaders echoing out into the streets. Instead of the muffled sounds of the latest blockbuster, those arriving will be serenaded with the chant: "United for change our people stood tall, their ballots made history with a vision for all. Obama our President, we welcomed him in. The future is here, let history begin!" "

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2 thoughts on “Celebrations planned in the UK as Obama’s sworn in.

  1. Thanks for dropping by to projectforty. I think we can safely say we’re all quite pleased about Mr Obama this side of the pond too. He won’t allow anyone to misunderestimate him, I’m sure.


  2. Janice, it was a pleasure! Glad you could stop by here as well.
    I’m so happy about Obama. So, so happy. GWB gives his farewell address tomorrow evening. I think the nation would like to give him a collective kick in the derriere on his way out the door …


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