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We're officially de-holidayified as of about 2:30 yesterday. That's including taking the tree to the curb, shuffling all the boxes down to the crawl space, moving furniture back to pre-Christmas locations and replacing family photos and other knick-knacks where they belong. In short, the holiday is officially over Chez Bluestalking.

One thing I learned from the 2008 holiday decorating experience, spray snow you put on windows is no bargain at $ 1.99 a can. I caved in to my 11-year old, since he was so excited at the prospect of being able to decorate something all by himself. I brought him home a can of the stuff. All well and good when he hit all the mirrors and just under half the windows in the house, even if we found ourselves having to wipe off little peep holes in order to look outside. Still, it did look festive and it made him so happy.

Come to find out, getting that *bleeping* stuff off the windows takes forever. First the windows must be vacuumed, in order to get the bulk of the big pieces (as the snow dries it forms chunks) off, then you have to use loads of window cleaner to get it off both the glass and the wood around the windows. Oh, and it takes some of the finish off the wood window trim. Good thing he had fun or I'd have been doubly aggravated. But there is a positive side to it. Those windows are now squeaky clean.

Au revoir holiday 2008!


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