Enthralling fiction.


The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox

I'm completely and utterly enthralled by this book. If you haven't read it, and you enjoy modern renditions of Victorian thrillers, you must read it. The narrator is completely psychotic. It won't spoil the story telling you he commits a "practice" murder at the beginning of the book, in order to perform the murder he plans to commit later. And he thinks he wasn't seen … I love books with insane main characters. What that says about me I won't delve into.

I hate when reviewers say a book is gripping. Could that be more over-used? Isn't every good book gripping? But this one is, well … gripping. Unputdownable. Insert other oft-used reviewer descriptor here.

It's just damn good.

2 thoughts on “Enthralling fiction.

  1. I totally agree. This is one good, good book–one of my top five reads in 2008. Did you know there’s a sequel? It’s called The Glass of Time, and it just came out this past fall. I liked it just about as much as I did The Meaning of Night.


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