This is about the last thing you'd expect from me. My motto: keep them on their toes.

Recipe: Egg and Toast (a child favorite, but adults like it as well)


Push holes through slices of bread, and drop into buttered skillet. Crack eggs into holes.

Personally, I use a fork to scramble the eggs, making them theoretically cook more quickly than if the yolks remain whole.


Flip bread/eggs once the first side is cooked. My children love having the bread rounds I pushed out of the bread cooked, as well.


Plate and serve!

It's like French toast, only less messy. Receives 5 thumbs up from this brood.

One thought on “Recipe

  1. We used to call this Toad in a Hole (can’t remember where we got that from). Thanks for reminding me — I haven’t made this since my kids were little.


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