Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

I'll be around over the holidays, and I'll probably be blogging, mostly to get away from the family merriment. I can only take so much of that before I break into hives.

Still, just in case I get pulled into a family Wii competition or something, I wanted to make sure I wish everyone who stops by a very Merry Christmas or *insert holiday here.* May you eat too much, manage to avoid annoying and/or toxic relatives as much as possible, and dear God, may the alcohol flow wherever you are. Psst, remember, if you get dragged to mass THEY HAVE WINE. And, chances are, the priest's had a little tipple, too, if you know what I mean. So take communion from him and get high on his fumes.

I may be dragged to mass, but I've already been instructed to, "SHUT UP ABOUT IT, BITCH!," which means I can't complain about it save here, so now I'll let it rip: IT'S A LITTLE HYPOCRITICAL GOING TO CHURCH ONCE A YEAR, AND PEOPLE WHO TAKE COMMUNION ONCE A YEAR ARE GOING TO HELL!  PLUS, I'M NOT EVEN CATHOLIC AND HAVEN'T BEEN FOR A DECADE, AND I'M NOT EVEN A CHRISTIAN!

There. That feels a little better.

Now that I've had my little episode I can calm down enough to say thank you to everyone who's been so kind as to stop by over the year. Thanks, especially, if you've dropped me a comment. I apologize I can't always reply. Sometimes it takes every spare moment just to write posts, and I'm not always good about replying, but I read everything. Even email. And I'm really, really bad about answering email, too. It's much like my telephone etiquette. Which doesn't exist.

I wish you tidings of comfort and joy. Comfort and joy. Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.

Peace on earth, good will to persons of either gender (especially to those in transition, or those with a crisis as to which they should be), and to all the animals and beasts in the field. Finally, Michael, have you rowed that damn boat ashore yet? Yes? Hallelujah!

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