Photo of the Day


My Daughter's Ornament: 2008

Every year my children get a new Christmas ornament. The boys' are pre-determined. I've been buying my older son the Hallmark train ornament collection every year since he was born. For my younger son I chose the Hallmark line of construction trucks/machinery. And, weirdly enough, each category of ornaments turned out to fit the personality of the child.

I used to buy my daughter the Hallmark line of Disney Princesses. When they ran out of those I went through a brief Barbie mode, 'til she made it clear she was so not a Barbie kind of girl. After that I let her pick out her own ornaments. This was her selection this year – a very pretty, sheer butterfly that clips onto the branch. I think it's lovely.

One thought on “Photo of the Day

  1. I have a large selection of butterfly ornaments on the tree as well. My husband complains that it’s not very Christmasy but it doesn’t say it seriously.
    This one is very pretty!


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