Stormy weather.


It's not even a joke anymore. The saying is – and every region likely uses it – "If you don't like the weather, stick around five minutes and it will change." That's literally what's going on here. First it was freezing rain, yesterday evening. That turned to regular rain, as the temperature rose. And now? Snow again after a rainy early morning. For this afternoon I predict a monsoon, followed by a tornado, then brilliant sunshine and beach weather. Pack your swimsuit!


Still busy as the proverbial bee, trying desperately to finish two final projects for graduate school. Luckily, both profs have extended our deadline by another week. The bad thing is that delays our final grades, but better to get a higher grade later than a lower grade earlier, eh? I may finish both projects this week. I'm far along with both of them. But it's good to have a buffer.

In other news, Harvard University Press has been inundating me with review books lately, to the tune of daily visits by the FedEx van. Though I've put reviewing on the back burner – actually it's behind the stove - I'm still receiving books. One of them, from HUP, was so tempting I took a dive into it. It's about the philosophy of melancholy, and how it can be a positive thing. Strange to think my pining and sighing, hand to forehead, may actually be good for me. I find that compelling. So don't be surprised if I opine here at some point.


I was a little surprised Mr. Flatley put a glossary chapter at the beginning of the book. That tells me how complicated this little book is going to be, when the author feels the necessity of introducing you to the major philosophical players and terminology before you've started the book. A little intimidating, but I'll see how it goes.

Now I'm going to take a step onto the driveway to see how bad the weather actually is. I just got a phone call from the school district saying all afternoon activities have been cancelled "due to the worsening weather." All I can see is light snow, so it may be snow over ice. That's about as treacherous as it gets for driving. And I have two boys to pick up from school. Ick.

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