Photo of the Day


A Battalion of Yum.

Galpal and I did the Christkindlemart (however you spell it) thing today. I'm disappointed with most of my photos. It was so cold, and I was reluctant to let the sellers see me taking photos (because someone else had been chastised for it) I just didn't get off too many shots, much less good ones. This one I shot from the hip. Literally, I surreptitiously shot a photo so no one would notice. And this is what I got, an army of chocolate Santa dudes. Don't they look good enough to eat?

But good photos or not, we had more than our share of fun. But don't worry. We left some for you, too.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day

  1. What is it with people’s hatred of photographers? It’s not actually making them any safer, since people taking photos as part of the planning stages of a terrorist attack/other crime are hardly likely to wander round with an obvious SLR. Instead, perfectly ordinary photographers are getting harrassed every day.


  2. I wonder if the crafters aren’t afraid you’ll steal their ideas. I have no thought of that at all. I couldn’t even begin to make the things they do, nor would I even have the time. If people are so inclined they can imitate any given person’s style. I think it’s a compliment for someone to take a photo of your artwork, myself.


  3. Scriptor, you’ve made my day. I came home so depressed yesterday thinking my photos could have/should have been so much better. But I was working under covert circumstances, too. Ah, well.


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