The hand that robs the cradle

I know I've written a lot today, but I just had to tell you about an article I was reading in More magazine, about a 39 year old woman marrying a 20 year old man.

Turns out the 20 year old's mother was only one year older than his wife. Wowzers.

When they started dating the man had no idea how old the woman was, and vice versa. They were so busy making the beast with two backs neither one thought to check the other's i.d. By the time the truth dawned they were in love.

They married, against the opinions of most of their friends and family. Lust continued apace, and the relationship blossomed. Until the biological clock of the wife began ticking so loudly she could no longer ignore it. She wanted a baby. Her husband agreed, but a funny thing happened. Once the wife was pregnant she was no longer a dirty, randy thing. In fact, that continued throughout her pregnancy and even after. Suddenly the young stud muffin's temper broke (actually, it did early on). Shortly after, they separated.

But then, the husband missed his wife so much, nine months later he called her and begged to come back. The flame reignited, and things moved along quite well. At age 31, the husband suffered a massive heart attack, so severe they feared he wouldn't live. He did, and guess what? Husband and wife were closer than ever. Reader, it worked out. Not without bumps along the way, but these two managed to survive all their trials to achieve a mature, loving relationship based on more than just sex.

I can't imagine looking twice at a 20-year old man, even assuming I was in the market. Twenty? Ye gods. Imagine the culture gap. What would they even have in common? Twenty years is considered a generation. That they fell for each other so hard makes things more complicated, but still. The odds of such a pairing working out must be infinitesimal. Hell, it's tough enough when two people nearer the same age marry, with the divorce rate sitting at about 50 %.

No, I'm not telling you this to say I have a yearning for a 20 year old man. I just found it amazing these two made it. I don't normally read relationship articles. They're usually so sappy or so negative, one extreme or the other, more often stick-your-finger-down-your-throat saccharine than not. All that "love at first sight" crap? Give me a break.

Just promise me one thing. If I start getting hooked on these relationship stories give me a firm slap. Next I'll be believing my horoscopes and reading advice columns. Oh, crap. I already do that.

One thought on “The hand that robs the cradle

  1. I’m always a bit “say what?” when it comes to some pretty large age gaps in relationships, but two very close and dear friends of mine have about 20-years between them, and they have the sort of relationship I can only hope to one day achieve.


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