Six Word Story Contest Winners!

Let me tell you, you sure gave me a run for my money. Thirty six replies on the blog, some with multiple entries, plus dozens via email. Yowza! You people were EN FUEGO.

But here it is, the big announcement of the winners:



A copy of A Geography of Love, a signed copy of The White Mary, and an advance reading copy of The Wordy Shipmates goes to …

Chip Smith with the one entry that cracked me up AND made me want to know much more:

"Second coming: Jesus descends from mothership."



A Copy of Geography of Love and The Wordy Shipmates goes to …

Persephone, with:

"The empty chair was still warm."


One copy of The Wordy Shipmates go to …

Sierra Martin with:

"Oh God, won't anyone stop me?"

Stevyn with:

"Her rocking chair, now so still."

And, last but never least, to Andi with:

"Armed with books, teachers wage battles."

NOW, all my winners, please send me your shipping address. You can send it via email:

Congratulations to all who entered! I really had to sweat this one out. You all sent such great entries.

3 thoughts on “Six Word Story Contest Winners!

  1. I’m so excited to win a copy of Sarah Vowell’s new book, and even more so now that I won it with something I wrote! Hoo-ah!


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