If you can’t count on your family …


Last Sunday was a spectacularly crappy day. You may call it specrapular. It was colder than a Republican's heart, more windy than … something really windy, and it was doing what they call "spittin' snow" if you're from the South. On such a rotten day, of course I had a burning need to go take photos.

My husband suggested this railroad bridge (above and below) in West Dundee/Carpentersville. Since it wasn't far away, and we didn't have a lot of time, I said what the hell. It was the best I could get on such an inclement day, and I ran with it.


I wish there was a longer tale to tell, but honestly it was so damned frigid you could have stuck a fork in me after about ten shots. Cuz baby, I was DONE. I couldn't take the cold.

If the bridge had rated my jumping onto it maybe I could have taken a few more photos, despite the weather. But did I neglect to mention the first railroad tie was missing? I could see water through it. Actual WATER. So, yes, I'm a notorious wimp. And, yes, my husband enjoys mocking me for it. He taunted me by jumping directly onto a half-rotted railroad tie. Had it given way he might have broken a leg or something, then I'd have had to rush him to emergency, and all that wifely "for richer, for stupider" stuff.

But after the cast was on and dried I would have found me a permanent marker. His cast would have totally read:  THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR TAUNTING! KARMA SEES ALL, CHUMP!

But I would have felt badly about delivering the news.


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