Darius Goes West


From the website:

Darius Weems, a 15-year-old with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, had never left his hometown of Athens, Georgia. In the summer of 2005, he and a group of young college students traveled across the country in a wheelchair-accessible RV to test accessibility in America. Their ultimate goal was to reach Los Angeles and convince MTV’s hit show, "Pimp My Ride," to customize Darius’s wheelchair. Along the way, they found joy, brotherhood, and the knowledge that life, even when imperfect, is always worth the ride.


I saw these teenagers on the Today Show this morning, and found this the most inspiring, sweet story I’ve heard in a really long time. That these kids would do this for their friend, driving him West from Athens, Georgia to the Pacific Ocean, so he could feel the water… That’s just the nicest thing on earth, isn’t it? Kind of encouraging to think there are young people like this left in the world.

Keep an eye out for the film. It goes on sale in early December. I have no idea if it’s showing anywhere, but I’d keep an eye out for that, too.

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3 thoughts on “Darius Goes West

  1. this is a heart warming story especially as the young man won’t have a very long life but look what he’s contributed!!


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