Saturday Night Sushi, or, Bar the Doors! Here Come Those Weirdos With the Camera…

This past Saturday night saw a rare and unusual occurence. It saw BSR and Mr. BSR stepping out of the house. For dinner. Like real grown ups. It may be out of the ordinary, but every now and then it actually does happen. Like Halley’s Comet. Or a good hair day.

Besides the need for variety, conviviality and mingling with other adults, we have a new camera. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that people in possession of a new camera are in pursuit of something photogenic with which to test said camera’s capabilities. So we took it out to dinner. But, we stopped short of taking it for a movie. There are limits. Img_0179

Well, at least *I* have my limits. Mr. BSR has been using the new camera to take photos of complete strangers (see photo at right: who ARE these people?!), but I’m a bit more restrained than that. Even if the people DO have beautiful dogs. And a sweet baby.

But I digress.

I’ll say this for them, the sushi chefs at Bistro Wasabi were remarkably unruffled as we took a myriad of photos of them. Though there were some shy smiles, for the most part they took it all in stride. I guess they’re used to all sorts of weirdly aberrant behavior. But that’s just what happens when you don’t lock the doors. You never know WHAt will wander in.


What they make at Bistro Wasabi looks too pretty to be food. It seems a shame to eat it. Even the foods we couldn’t exactly identify were pretty. Okay, some of them looked a wee bit creepy, (a few of them appearing to be actually in the midst of attempted escape when they were trapped and squeezed between rice and seaweed), but the overall effect was amazingly aesthetically appealing.

Except for the octopus. Shudder. I don’t want to talk about the octopus… Human beings were not meant to eat things with suction cups. Period.


Despite the shame it seemed to destroy these beautiful creations by eating them, we got over that pretty quickly.


And over it, and over it, and over it…


There simply may not be any prettier food than sushi, and there are definitely no foods more entertaining to see being made right in front of you.

Final verdict: YUM.

Two chopsticks up!

DISCLAIMER:Ā  No flashes were used in the taking of these photos! Sudden, bright flashes of light and murderously sharp utensils do NOT mix. Do not try this at home.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Night Sushi, or, Bar the Doors! Here Come Those Weirdos With the Camera…

  1. Thanks for making me laugh…the line about the creature trying to escape, very funny.
    I agree that sushi is gorgeous, however, I can’t seem I try, I try, and I will keep trying.


  2. Sheri, we prefer the cooked sushi to the raw, and there’s probably a more proper term for the cooked but I’m not thinking of it right now. We also both really dig wasabi, that mouth burning, nasal lining destroying but flavorful green substance we only have with sushi. Mmm, mmm…!


  3. Always fun to see Americanized sushi! šŸ˜› Very pretty though. I’ve really been enjoying your photos. Isn’t a new camera fun? Dh keeps trying to get me to upgrade to a digitial SLR but I’m not sure I’m ready for the lenses and all the buttons to fiddle with!


  4. Tanabata, funny you mention Americanized sushi as I was just thinking that on Saturday, when we were driving away from the restaurant. I wondered to myself, does this look anything at all like the real thing, or is this something unknown in Asia? I think I just got my answer!
    They did also have slices of various raw fishes they put over small mounds of rice, that at least looked more authentic than the rolled rice creations. Maybe that’s more “real”? Actually, we saw a lot of other dishes that looked compelling, but way beyond our capabilities.
    There’s definitely a learning curve with the SLR, I won’t pretend there isn’t, but it’s pretty fun so far. The hardest part is finding time to drive around looking for things to take pictures of, so that’s why there are so many shots from home. When the weather warms up hopefully we’ll get out more, and not just to restaurants!


  5. I think you’re exactly right–sushi is very possibly the prettiest food on earth. And I’m glad others feel as I do. Suction cups should not be consumed under any circumstances. Blech!


  6. Tanabata, thanks for those links. I love that I can hover over the photos and get a description. That’s just about the coolest thing.
    I need the weather to warm up so I can take the camera out of the house. Woe is me, it’s supposed to only get colder over the next few days. Sigh.


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