News Release: My Official Good Work News

Okay, it’s not a promotion, not a new job and not a raise in pay… But I still find it pretty dratted exciting. And now that it’s officially confirmed, I can safely open my mouth and tell the world. Believe me, it was tough keeping this one mum, even for just a day. But I just couldn’t say it then have it turn out not to happen. That would be very unprofessional. But mostly, embarrassing.

Janiskearney_2Yesterday morning I sealed the deal for a booking with Janis Kearney to come speak at the library. Who, you ask, is Janis Kearney? Well, I’ll tell you. She was the official White House diarist for President Bill Clinton.


I had no idea “official White House diarist” was a position until I saw an article about Janis Kearney in a newspaper. Who knew? Imagine the things she must have heard and seen about former President Clinton. Think about the prominent figures she must have met, and the experiences she must have had. And I’m NOT, I tell you NOT, talking about Monica Lewinsky she who must not be named. I’m not, as they say, going there…

When I saw Ms. Kearney was in the Chicago metro area, it seemed silly not to at least TRY to see if I could book a program with her.  What’s the worst that could happen? She could say no, but what harm would that really be? But, what do you know, my fears were for naught. She was interested. Not only was she interested, but she let me know public libraries hold a very special place in her heart. I like her already.

A few emails later we had our date set. She’s coming here on Tuesday, March 13.

Ms. Kearney is the author of two books, Conversations: William Jefferson Clinton From Hope to Harlem and Cotton Field of Dreams: A Memoir. She’ll be presenting  a talk and book signing at the library. If I don’t pass out dead on the floor from the excitement it should be a great event. Of course, if I do pass out dead it’ll make even better newspaper copy.


Conversationsclinton Cottondreams After the program photos and a complete transcript will follow, have no doubt of that. I may even break out the BRAND NEW camera for the occasion, the one I’m still half afraid to touch because it cost nearly as much as a month’s mortgage.

In the meantime sign me,

Thrilled to Bits

8 thoughts on “News Release: My Official Good Work News

  1. I want to join I want to join I want to join.
    Good steal Lisa, what a coup but why not say tickets are conditional on at least 6 attendances at your film review sessions!


  2. Karen, I’m very fortunate our library district is well-funded. That’s more than half the battle. Being near Chicago is another boon, though not everyone who books here always realizes we’re a little FAR outside the city (about 1.5 hours, accounting for traffic).
    I’ve definitely been working hard, poring through the papers looking for people I can hit up for a visit. Some ignore me, some won’t do it, but every now and then a very nice person like Ms. Kearney says yes!


  3. Les, it has its challenges but overall I can’t complain. I’m lucky to have the position I do, and to have found a library that doesn’t require me to have the MLS degree to work there. And, of course, the funding allows us to do a lot of cool things. Yep, it’s a pretty good place to work.


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