Stranger, in Dubious Company

WOW! Do I ever  have exciting work-related news to tell, but I can’t tell just yet. Not until the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed. Not ’til the cows have come home and the barn door is closed   But it won’t be long. No, it won’t be long… Oh, but if it doesn’t transpire!

Let’s not think about that. It’s almost a sealed deal, and when it is I shall let you know…

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about my exciting adventures at work yesterday. My “Friday Film Festival” film discussion group started! Yes, it did, it really, really did. The film I kicked off with is a French Canadian film that translates as Strangers in Good Company. There’s no real “star” in the cast, or at least if there is I didn’t recognize her, but whoever these women were they were wonderful.

Strangersingoodcompany_1 The basic plot is this, eight women (average age 71) are riding in a bus in the Canadian countryside. The bus breaks down and the women are stranded, miles away from anything resembling civilization. They find an abandoned house they use as a shelter, and make-shift a temporary home for themselves. In the course of the next few days they must find food in order to survive. It’s then they learn what strengths they each have, and how they complement each other.

While they’re marooned they share things about their lives they may never have otherwise. They talk about their joys and sorrows, their fears and the sources of their individual strengths. They laugh and cry, they dance and sing, and overall they bond into a strong unit. By the time they’re rescued there’s a reluctance to leave, because they know what they shared during those few days was something deeper than they’d experienced in a very long time.

So, in short, the film was lovely.  It reminded me of The Enchanted April, as well as Ladies in Lavender. To complete the experience, and welcome my new film group, I bought a nice assortment of cheeses and crackers, wonderful chocolate chip cookies and the coffee was fresh and plentiful. The only problem was, no one came… Okay, ONE person came, and she enjoyed the film, but I felt a bit silly sitting there, just the two of us, in a room set up for at least a dozen.

When the film was over she asked me, “What was the name of that movie, again?” I told her, then said, “Maybe more will come next month.” The ONE person laughed lightly, put on her jacket and walked out the door. Not in mean way, but more in a way that said, “Well, that would be nice, but…..”

Ah, alas and alack. I can only hope that I build it, they will come. Eventually.

6 thoughts on “Stranger, in Dubious Company

  1. Wish I could have been there, Lisa. Sounds like a great film, not to mention the coffee and cookies.
    I will refrain from mentioning what an awful tease you are. Meanwhile the book world waits… 😉


  2. Oh, I wish you could have been there too, Linda! Oh, alas.
    The GOOD NEWS shall be released tomorrow. It’s official, and the big reveal is already in a draft post. I’m thrilled to bits by my “big score,” and it just goes to show you not to be afraid to ask people things.
    But that’s all I’m saying for now… 😉


  3. Les, isn’t it just wonderful? I loved these ladies! I don’t think we got to know enough about the bus driver, though, come to think of it. I’d have liked to know a bit more about her.


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