Jacket Magazine: Jagged with Love by Susanna Childress

As long as I’m on the subject of thrills, my review for Susanna Childress’s Jagged With Love is up on the Jacket Magazine site.

Jaggedwithlove_1 The downside is my bruised vanity (what’s left of it), as the photo I wound up sending them is a real reminder of how crappy the past two years have been, and how loss and anxiety have really worn on me. I know, that’s an external thing I shouldn’t obsess on, and I generally don’t, but what a wake up call when you see your face on a public web site.

If anything should send me screaming back to my former life as a health nut that should. I still vaguely recall the strict vegetarian gym rat I was before the earth tilted off its axis, but my chi ran off screaming in frustration sometime around November/December of 2004 and hasn’t been answering my calls ever since.

Ah, well, pardon my indulgence as I whine without restriction. The important thing is the review is there.

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